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Guides to Change Desktop Background in Windows 10

Win 10 Background

Do you want to change the dark blue background of your Windows 10′s desktop? Many people really want to do that but have no idea to find the associated setting in this latest Windows system version, if you also wanna change your computer’s background, please follow the guides below to get a new wallpaper one you like. Read more…

Twitter Remove Users Whose Accounts Created Before Age 13


With the European Union’s General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) coming to effect, Twitter also set further restrictions for the users accounts, and already banned those accounts whose date of birth says they joined before they were 13. Read more…

Uber Halted Self-Driving Program in Arizona

Uber Self-Driving

Uber in recently pulled the plug on self-driving testing program in Arizona, two months after a fatal crash involving one of its vehicles.

Two month ago, a pedestrian was killed by an Uber’s self-driving vehicle, which cause vehement debate in the society, and many people think that the self-driving technology is neither safe enough Read more…

YouTube Music will Launch on May 22 and Replace Red Subscription Service

YouTube Music

YouTube Music, a new music streaming service will be launched on May 22, comes with several new features and premium version.

YouTube released a post yesterday and announced this new service – YouTube Music, it gathers different type of music streaming and services, such as Read more…

How can Fix and Uninstall Steam Well from PC

uninstall Steam

Removing Steam by Valve Corporation is a big trouble for many of the app users, because they always unable to complete the program removal successfully on the PC. So, maybe it’s time to fix the problem and remove the program well through this post.

As a popular digital distribution platform, many people get have Steam installed on their computers for easily download and access the popular games and other applications. Read more…

Google Is Developing New Social-Gaming Startup ‘Arcade’


Google is reportedly (by Bloomberg) helping a 21-Year-Old to develop a new social gaming application, called Arcade.

Michael Sayman, the young project manager who began working at Alphabet Inc.’s Google in August 2017 Read more…

Wikipedia Adds New Page Previews Feature For The Links

Wikipedia Page Previews

Are you a common users of Wikipedia? The Wikipedia foundation recently releases a brand-new feature, which may be very useful for you, that is the page previews.

What’s page previews? It is able to enable users to previews a brief introduction about a link on the article, and the introduction consists of an image and a few words. Read more…

YouTube Faces Lawsuit For Violating a Children’s Privacy Law


Not abide by the child protection laws? A group of more than 21 organizations filed a complaint with federal officials on Monday and claimed YouTube doing not comply with the Children’s Online Privacy Protection Act. Read more…

How Can Uninstall DVD Shrink In A Smart Way

DVD Shrink

Effective removal guides specifically for DVD Shrink app, learn the best way to remove DVD Shrink from Windows system.

DVD Shrink for Windows is a DVD video manage tool that allow people to back up their DVD videos, it is not a malware that would threaten the computer security, but problems of removing this program usually trouble the users. Therefore, let’s see how can perform a right removal and uninstall DVD Shrink well. Read more…

Zuckerberg Apologize Cambridge Analytica Scandal in Full-page ads

Zuckerberg Apologize

With the Cambridge Analytica Scandal keeps spreading on the society, Facebook continues to take PR strategy to reduce the tensions, and Mark Zuckerberg just took out a full page ads to apologize this event in several news media.

Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg did an public apologize apology on Sunday with a full-page ads in Washington Post, The New York Times, Wall Street Journal, and six UK papers The Observer, The Sunday Times, Mail on Sunday, Sunday Mirror, Sunday Express and Sunday Telegraph. Read more…