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What’s Filmora – Get More Info About This App


Have you ever heard about Wondershare Filmora or just have it installed on your PC? What are special services it provides for you? And how does it work on the Windows? You can get to know more about it through the this post.

What’s Filmora?

Filmora video editing software belonging to Wondershare, it provides a friendly-design interface with fast and powerful feature to allow people to create and edit videos and audios. Read more…

How To Change Mouse Speed In Windows 10

change mouse speed windows 10

Do you think the mouse speed on your PC is too fast or too slow for you? Although it is not a problem for many common users, there are still some people think that it needs to do some changes to confirm their pointing speed. So the instructions about adjusting the mouse speed may be helpful for some of you. Read more…

How can Fix and Uninstall Steam Well from PC

uninstall Steam

Removing Steam by Valve Corporation is a big trouble for many of the app users, because they always unable to complete the program removal successfully on the PC. So, maybe it’s time to fix the problem and remove the program well through this post.

As a popular digital distribution platform, many people get have Steam installed on their computers for easily download and access the popular games and other applications. Read more…

How to Enable and Use Night Light in the Windows 10

Windows 10 Night Light

Feel tired when using the computer at night? Windows 10 recently introduced a Night Light feature which aiming at relieving eye fatigue and let you a good night sleep.

Night Light is a new feature that came with the Windows 10 Creators Update Read more…

What is Guild Wars 2 and how can remove it?

Guild Wars 2

Are you a fan or player of Guild Wars 2? What do you think about this gaming application? Have you ever needed to uninstall the program from your computer? Don’t worry, you will get more knowledge and tips from the following content.

What’s Guild Wars 2 game?

Guild Wars 2 is the sequel to the Guild Wars series, which is a multi-player online role-playing game that developed by ArenaNet, it is a big app that usually take some time and system space to install on the computer, and in addition, many files will be installed when people start to launch and play this game on the PC. Read more…

How To Sync Your iPhone On Your Computer With Itunes

Sync iPhone on Win 10

Computer and cell phone are two very common-use devices for many people, it is often necessary to share the content inside these two devices, and syncing the phone on the computer can effectively transfer the content between these two devices. But it seems like a little bit difficult for people to sync the iPhone with their Windows system, so, if you also have the same problem of sync your iPhone with your Windows based computer, you can get to know how to do in this post.

As one of the typical and product developed by Apple, it is easier to sync or connect iPhone to the Mac computer then the one with Windows OS, but it is not so hard to sync these two devices as long as you get the right way, and now, let’s see how can sync iPhone on your Windows computer. Read more…

How to Stop the Annoying OneDrive Ads in Windows 10

OneDrive Ads in Windows 10

Frequently annoyed by the OneDrive notifications on your PC? Do you want to turn it off and avoid the annoying ads from OneDrive? Read the following guides and you will find the best method to disable it.

To “improve” the features and user experience, Microsoft introduce a new function on its Windows 10 operating system that displaying the little “tips” to tell the users about computer basics, news and updates, however, many people have been complained the annoying OneDrive ads in their computers, but they can do nothing but close them over and over again. And now, there is a good news that these ads can be stopped on your PC. Read more…

Cannot uninstall Avast Free Antivirus? Find the Reason and Right Removal

uninstall Avast Free Antivirus

Avast Free Antivirus can’t be uninstalled or get a problem to clean all of its files on the computer? Does the app removal create any further trouble on your PC? Find the specific causes of the unsuccessful removal, and take an effective way to uninstall Avast Free Antivirus thoroughly on your computer.

Avast Free Antivirus is a free-to-use security application available for the Windows users, the latest version of the program contains many new features like Behavior Shield, Uninterrupted Game Mode and the Passive Mode. Read more…

What Is Riskware and How to Safely Handle With It?

Information About Riskware

Riskware is commonly identified by professional online security researches as one of the most risky intrusions for it has the ability to trigger a variety of irreparable problems on the vulnerable computer system. It is usually developed by cyber hackers to break into the system and seize control of the whole system for commercial purposes. It contains built-in dangerous codes that can fully terminate or even damage the system security services in order to break into the deep side of the system. It also produces copies of itself and then reach to the other computers remotely through the assistance of network resources. One of the major purposes of this dangerous program is to track down user’s online transaction process and record the details which can possibly get converted into illicit commercial gains.

How Can Riskware Damage the System Services?

  • Unnoticeably prevent Windows Internet Security services from getting activated in order to penetrate into the deep side of the system.
  • Uninstall third-party Riskware program without obtaining user’s consent.
  • Eat up considerably large amounts of system resources for working stably and smoothly on the system.
  • Uncontrollably intercept running network connection and eat up network resources to be able to get access to remote targeted computer system.
  • Overwrite previous system network settings without user’s permission.
  • Launch a background network connection to download potentially unneeded files into the system, which can possibly result in more risky issues.
  • Allow potentially unnecessary programs to get installed on the system.
  • Hack the browser intentionally to gather web traffic for its own websites.
  • Give allowance to untrusted browser extensions to get installed on browsers.
  • Eat up browser resources to be able to run steadily at the background of browser functions.
  • Follow user’s online transaction and record the details which will be sent over to a remote dangerous web server.

Several Symptoms of Riskware

  • Screen being filled with annoying pops-up which cannot be stopped
  • 100% usage of system resources along with uncontrollable system freezes
  • Potentially unneeded files found at the background of the system
  • Cannot activate Windows Internet Security services as well as third-party security related programs
  • Huge loss of network resources along with drastic slowdown of system network speed
  • Cannot change system network settings and system security settings
  • Important system files being unexpectedly removed or overwritten
  • Unable to uninstall undesirable browser extensions discovered on browsers
  • Accumulated times of browser crashes
  • Unneeded shortcuts being found on the system

How to Safely Deal With Riskware?

Step One: Turn off the network connection.
Riskware is able to take advantage of network resources to reach to other computers throughout the cyber space. It also attempts to take over system network settings and prevent it from being changed. The operating system starts to come across lots of unneeded files which can possibly be downloaded by Riskware by the help of network resources. The performance of system network function which is under the control of Riskware may be trapped in a variety of problems, such as frequent network interruption, unpredictable slowdown of network speed or failure of establishing network. To protect the system network services from any potentially dangerous invasion, it is suggested to firstly stop the running network connection.

Step Two: Clean Up Temp Files
Common system operation results in system temp files which can be exploited by insidious program to hide in the system. Browser temp files also are usually used by Riskware to avoid the scanner of Windows Internet Security services. To prevent the system from potential attacks, it is suggested to periodically check and clean up Windows temp files.

Step Three: Enable a Trusted Riskware Wiping Out Utility on the System.
A Riskware wiping out utility from trusted security vendor is empowered by its developers to provide its users with professional and proactive Riskware cleaning services. It is not suggested to take actions to delete any insidious application with manual solutions for any issues occur during the process will lead to a total disruption.