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How to Uninstall Worm.Win32.Small.aga in Windows 2000/Windows XP / Windows 2003/Windows Vista / Windows 7

Worm.Win32.Small.aga is a trojan written by CC, of being length 20,480 bytes.Worm.Win32.Small.agawould be spreading mainly through by the file bundle, Downloader, webpages linked to trojan horse, etc., The primary purpose of Worm.Win32.Small.agais to establish a back door and spread itself using a removable disk, so that the user’s computer would be then turned into a puppet master.

When a PC is infected byWorm.Win32.Small.aga, then the important system files would be lost, system and network would be slowed, a lot of suspicious unknown process would run.

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What is Spyware

As the name suggests, spyware is software that spies on you. It gathers information from your computer and relays it to another location. Spyware can capture keystrokes or screen images, identify the hardware and software installed on your computer, and hijack your browser’s home page, replacing it with one that displays pornography, advertising, or other messages. More malicious spyware can also collect account login names, passwords, and other personal information. Still other spyware tracks the websites you visit in order to send you targeted advertising. These programs are particularly insidious because they install themselves without your knowledge. They often hide inside another program that offers some kind of useful service, such as a “computer tune-up.”
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