Useful Tips About How To Uninstall USB Disk Security On PC

uninstall USB Disk Security

Get a problem to uninstall USB Disk Security from the PC? These words are just the uninstall instructions can help people to get rid of the program from computer.

USB Disk Security is a specific security app for protecting the USB drive from dangerous worms, trojans and other types of viruses, problems of removing USB Disk Security usually happen when people need to delete this application from computer, so maybe we should learn some effective skills and methods to uninstall USB Disk Security smoothly from the PC.

3 optional ways to uninstall USB Disk Security

1. Use Windows Programs and Features

  • Right click on Windows button to open the menu – select Programs and Features at the top
  • Choose USB Disk Security – click Uninstall
  • Click Yes to start the removal – click OK to finish
  • Restart the computer
  • Check the associated files in installed folders and clear them
  • Enter “regedit” in the computer’s search box to open Registry Editor – delete the registry keys or entries belonging to USB Disk Security

2. Use its own uninstall process to remove itself from the computer

  • Click on Windows button to open Start menu
  • Click Programs – right click on USB Disk Security
  • Select Uninstall USB Disk Security, and follow the prompts to finish the app uninstallation
  • Restart the PC, and clear the leftovers in its installation folder
  • Open Registry Editor like the first way, and delete its registry keys and entries

3. apply a good uninstaller to help you uninstall USB Disk Security

Get an outstanding uninstaller like Total Uninstaller on the computer, and launch it to start the removal

  • Select USB Disk Security on the Uninstaller’s interface – click Run Analysis
  • Click Complete Uninstall – click Yes to start the removal
  • Click OK to finish – click on Scan Leftovers button
  • Delete all of detected leftovers to finish the whole removal, and restart your PC

Get more detailed information about this app removal: How can Fully Uninstall USB Disk Security

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