Two Optional Way To Uninstall Libreoffice From Windows

uninstall LibreOffice

LibreOffice for Windows is an open source office suite, it is created by The Document Foundation, and people can use its associated features and services for free, such as the word processor, spreadsheet, database, graphics editor and etc. To uninstall LibreOffice thoroughly on the PC, you can take one of the following way to remove it.

Two available ways to uninstall LibreOffice on PC

Typical removal way on Windows system

  • Right-click on the Start (Windows) button, select Programs and Features
  • Highlight LibreOffice on the programs list, and click Uninstall
  • Follow the uninstall wizard to click Next, and select the checkbox next to Remove
  • Click NextRemove to start the removal
  • When uninstall finish, restart your computer and log-in again
  • Search regedit on the computer and click to open it
  • Unfold the group to find out all of LibreOffice’s registries
  • Right click on the registry, select Export, choose a location to save the file for back up
  • Delete those registries one by one
  • Open the directory of LibreOffice’s installation folder, and make sure everything has been cleared well

Take an app remover to uninstall LibreOffice more effectively

Total Uninstaller is a professional and affordable uninstall tool that can uninstall LibreOffice effectively, it is able to scan out all of files within a few of seconds, and then completely remove them from the computer.

  • Launch Total Uninstaller on the PC, and select LibreOffice on the list
  • Click Run Analysis to scan all of associated files on the computer,
  • Click Complete UninstallYes to start the removal
  • Follow the uninstall wizard to finish the removing process
  • Click on the Scan Leftovers, and delete all of leftovers with the uninstaller

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