Twitter considers to add a paid membership option


Are you a professional or just a general user of Twitter? The Twitter Inc just said in recently they would consider to make decision about whether to build a premium version of its popular Tweetdeck interface, which is for the professionals.

As one of the social media all around the world, Twitter has attracted more than 319 million users worldwide, even though, they still behind the Facebook, which gets more users than Twitter. And the Twitter itself always try to get more support from advertising by providing free service to attract more users, but it isn’t enough for the company, this is why the Twitter would start to consider subscription-based option for some users for first time, if this decision is adopted in one day, it will mean that some users should pay for the subscription fees for the first time.

However, it is just a consideration and not formally make the announcement, so we can wait and see what’s the final decision for the Twitter.


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