Report said secret code indicates NSA tracks users of privacy tools


According to an analysis of never-before-seen code exposed by an unknown source, a NSA (National Security Agency)spying program is configured to pry into an array of privacy software used by reporters and dissidents. Published as part of investigation by two German broadcasters on Thursday, the code possesses tracking specifications for XKeyScore, a great NSA program that gathers and sorts intercepted information.

XKeyScore got exposed in documents by Edward Snowden, the former NSA contractor, yet some observers think the latest information, which supplement greater detail on how the agency monitors crowd working hard to prevent their privacy from being revealed online, may have not come from the documents he submitted to the reporters. Norddeutscher Rundfunk and Westdeutscher Rundfunk, the broadcasters, didn’t expose their source for the code, but declared in a report that the former NSA experts and employees are convinced that the similar code or the same code is still under using today.

The report states how the code enables XKeyScore to know users connected to The Onion Router, known as TOR, a network that encrypts information traffic through random servers for obscuring identification of a web sufer. TOR, a project started initially by the American Navy, is deemed as a critical privacy strengthening tool and one that possesses hampered NSA surveillance in the old days.

The report contends the NSA is monitoring two TOR servers in Germany. One is operated by Sebastian Hahn, a 28 years’ old computer science student at the University of Erlangen. Known as a Directory Authority, a critical part of TOR’s infrastructure, the server provides a list of relays in the network to computers connecting to the network. The report quoted Hahn as saying that the NSA’s collection of metadata about people’s connecting to the server puts those people at risk.

The report additionally said the NSA also tracks the use of non-public TOR relays, which are provided to users for request in states known to actively block TOR relays, including those in China and Iran.

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