Microsoft Intend to Put Progressive Web Apps into Windows Apps

Progressive Web Apps into Windows

Progressive Web Apps (PWAs) turn into Windows apps? Microsoft now is making effort to attain it and has taken a major step on the progress.

Microsoft published a post at February 6, which shared some news and recent efforts on previewing PWAs in Windows and bring PWAs to the Microsoft Store. The company planed to bring support of Progressive Web Apps (PWAs) to Windows 10 as of this Spring, and also intend to start adding the high quality PWAs to the Microsoft Store. In that post, Microsoft provided more details about these two plans, including the advanced technologies they applied to these two projects, which enable PWAs running more effectively and smoothly on Windows 10; in addition, Microsoft also provides a way for the developers turning their websites and programs into Store apps via the “Westminster” bridge.

Microsoft believes that these new updates and works will help improve the performances of apps in Microsoft Store as well as good for the developers to improve their websites and apps.

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