Instructions to Remove PrivDog Entirely Thoroughly

Description of PrivDog

PrivDog is defined as privacy software that protects your personal data from assaulting and stealing by malicious adware and spyware.In fact, it is not a running program but a browser extension, which benefits users getting annoyed by the pop-up ad in every place and every time when surfing the Internet that might be infected with virus and carry scam malware. PrivDog is claimed to be an anti-malvertising web security that is able to block the unwanted and illegal ads that contain unwanted links, violation and pornographic content. It also hooks the web threats from trackers, third party widgets and third party cookies, but the web domain ads are not included so that websites and reasonable ad publishers should not worry about. Users can change the settings according to their need and the setting panel is simple to operate for users. Due to the blocking of ad, browser performance better and the browsing speed has been improve that it reduce the time to open a webpage with rubbish ads. The supported browsers for PrivDog include IE, Google Chrome, Mozilla Firefox, Comodo Dragon and Comodo IceDragon.

Yet, some users may want to uninstall PrivDog for reasons that the expectation of other security programs, redundancy of similar security programs in the only computer or the other personal reasons. No matter for what reason they want to remove this program, it is necessary to remove it completely, or it may affect the running speed and performance of system.


A best and Efficient Way to Uninstall PrivDog

Here, we will give you a step by step instruction to remove PrivDog manually. However, it may be a bit complicated to uninstall it thoroughly for some computer newbie. So we recommend using Max Uninstaller firstly in that it is simple and time-saving. Please follow the steps below.

  • Download Max Uninstaller, and then install it in your computer with ease.


  • Launch MU, select Privedog in the program list and click Run Analysis button.


  • After it’s done, click Complete Uninstaller button to start the default removal.


  • Once it finished, click Scan Leftover to allow MU to scan over your computer and find out the leftover files of Format Factory 3.2.1.


  • Click Delete Leftovers to remove all the founded.
  • Click OK in the pop-up massage to finish removal.

It seems that MU is the best and efficient way to uninstall programs.


How to Uninstall PrivDog Thoroughly

Step one: disable PrivDog from browser

For Firefox users:
Click on the Tools menu of Firefox to select “Add-on” option. Click Extensions tab, find out PrivDog and choose Disable. The same way open Plugins tab and choose Never Ativated.

For Chrome users:
Click on Google Chrome icon to select Setting. Hit Manage Search Engine on the right pane if default homepage is modified. When done, click on Extension option and then remove PrivDog in the Recycle Bin.

For IE users:
Open Tools menu and choose Manage Add-ons option. Find and select PrivDog in Toolbars and Extensions and Search Providers respectively. Click Disable/Remove button to uninstall PrivDog.

For Dragon/IceDragon users:
Click on Dragon/IceDragon icon and choose Add-ons option. Click on the Extensions button which looks like a piece of puzzle in the showing window. Select PrivDog and Disable it.

Step two: Uninstall PrivDog through its default uninstall program or Control Panel

For Win 7/vista/xp:

71.Open Start menu, go to Control Panel, and find out Uninstall a Program/ under Programs icon, double click it.
2.Scroll down and select on PrivDog in the Uninstall a program list, Click Uninstall/Change button.
3.Follow the uninstall wizard to finish removal process.

For win 8:
win8-screen1.Click Apps button in Start screen to display the Apps view, there is a search field on the top right corner.
win8-apps2.Type Control Panel in the blank and then click it when it appears on the left. (Or you can press Windows + X key on the Start  screen, click Control Panel when a list appears on the left bottom corner)
3.Click Uninstall a program and select Format Factory under the program list. Click Uninstall button on the right side.
4.Follow the uninstall wizard to finish the process.

Step three: use Registry Editor to remove entries of PrivDog

For Win 7/vista/xp users:
1.Open Run window from Start menu, or press Windows button + R key.
2.Type in Regedit in the blank and press Enter button.
registry-editor3.Open Edit tab and click Find. Check Keys, Values and Data and type in “privdog” in the blank, press Find button.
4.Press F3 to find one by one.
5.Select and delete all the leftovers.
6.Close Registry Editor and reboot computer.

For Win 8 users:
win8 regedit1.Enter Start screen and type “regedit” in the search blank.
2.Click “regedit” icon in the search result.
3.Follow the 3-6 in this step for Win 7/vista/xp users.


In web age, the hackers’ activities hidden in malware, spyware and adware are more active. A proactive security program for protecting computer and web surfing like PrivDog is in need inevitably. Even so, some users may want to uninstall PrivDog for personal reasons. In order to remove it completely users need to erase all the hidden files and leftover entries. Manual method is the common use, which requires correct operation and experience but users can use Max Uninstaller instead, which is simple to operate. Hope both of the two methods help you.

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