Google’s Street View Cameras Getting An Upgrade After Eight Years

Google Street View cameras

Have you ever seen the cars with a spherical contraption (actually globe-like cameras) driving on the street? They are the Google Street View cars that used to capture the different street views on the city, and now, a new and first upgrade in eight years just come, Google has updated its Street View cameras in many aspects.

According to associated report on, this first major upgrade in eight years enhance the street view capture via some advanced technology and algorithms, the car-top rig gets two cameras which used to capture HD images from either side of the vehicle, and many closer shots of buildings and street signs will all be captured on the image, which are more cleaner than before, through which people can see the street signs, business names and even the opening hours hanging up on the window.

The updated Google’s Street View cameras have been put into use from last month, and it is regarded as an important step for improving its digital mapping database.


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