Google Updates Search App With Tappable Shortcuts

Google tappable shortcuts

Search engine giant Google in recently continues to update its service on the potable device, and releases tappable shortcuts that enable users to quickly access to the information they care about.

Tappable shortcuts were introduced by Google last week, through these shortcuts right on the home screen, users can get instant news and explore deeper of the topic they specifically set before, and moreover, they are also able to get what they want quickly through a single tap.

Be default, the Tappable shortcuts will display quick news and more details about such topics as weather, sports, food and drinks, and entertainment, if some people want to pay more attention to some of these subjects, they can go deeper via tapping on the specific topic or subject. Additionally, Android users will be luckier for getting more other useful shortcuts on the Android device, like translate, nearby attractions, flights, hotels, internet speed test, currency converter, and more. If you want to try these new features right now, you can update the app and check them on your device.

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