Google Photos Adds Video Stabilization Feature in The New Update

Video Stabilization

Last money, Google released an update for its Google Photos, which was to improve image backups on 2G connections on both iOS and Android devices. And now, it rolls out a newer update of the application, at this time, it adds a video stabilization feature on this app.

This new update is now available for downloading and installing for the user, and people can choose to get this update for free. To see the new feature on the app, one can try to hit the edit icon on the Google Photos, and the “Stabilize” button can be found at the bottom left of the interface. This new feature can correct the shaky videos automatically, and offer a better and more stable performance of playing the video.

This time, the new update for Google’s Photos app is only available for the Android device, and the company has not mentioned when it would be applied in the iOS device.


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