Google Flights Start to Predict Flight Delays Now

Google Flights

Always get mad by the flight delay? Google Flights releases some features that may be helpful for you to troubleshoot this problem or improve the situation.

Google just updated its Flights app that adds a few features, which including predict light delays and provides exact services for a specific flight. According to a post from Google blog, Google make use of its historic flight status info and machine learning algorithms to forecast delays when the airlines themselves haven’t any delay report yet, but the company also stresses that passengers still need to show up on time at the airport.

Besides predicting the flights delay, another new feature is providing specific flying perks for the passengers, since many companies just offer the most basic possible services like baggage allowance and in-flight snacks, but do not provide a correct services contained in the passenger’s flight. And Google Flights now will list exactly about what are included in the user’s fee.

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