Google Chrome’s Built-In Ad Blocker Will Start To Work On February 15th

 Google Chrome

To further avoid spams and advertisements, Google announced in June that it would gain a built-in ad blocker in early 2018, and now Google make this promise and said that they will add a built-in ad blocker in early 2018, according to VentureBeat.

Based on Coalition for Better Ads which includes many tech giants like Google and Facebook, this Chrome ad blocker will remove those ads which do not abide by the rules, such ads like play sound automatically and the flashing ads will all be banned in the future, and the site owners will be informed violation

Any violations will be reported to site owners, who’ll be able to submit their sites for re-review once the issues have been fixed. If these problems aren’t fixed, the Chrome blocker will block all ads shown on the guilty website until the problems are fixed.

Google will activate Chrome ad blocker automatically at the announced day, and it does not coincide with a new Chrome release.


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