Amazon might launch own brand garments service


Amazon is willing to challenge difficulties among the crowded and intense competitive markets. It has been offering service for smartphones and loudspeaker box and runs it successfully. According to the report of BuzzFeed, the e- commerce giant Amazon might launch its own brand garments service.

Jeff Yurcisin, the vice president of Amazon Fashion department he claimed that the company considers to launch its own brand garments service at the CEO summit for global apparel and retail.

He said that they know consumers have preferred brands and they have many brands in their stores. Much of their business comes from garment industry. Some brands did not cooperate with them to sell their garments on Amazon due to different reasons. But Amazon consumers still love to search similar brands on Amazon platform.

Amazon Fashion department specializes in attracting famous brands to sell their goods on Amazon e-commerce platform. For example, it sells Calvin Klein and Levi. However, some retailers and garment manufacturers are unwilling to cooperate with Amazon. The main reasons are that Amazon provides low-profit and discounts service.

It seems that Amazon will launch similar garments for those brands did not join Amazon. It might bring much profit for its business performance.

Jeff Yucisin tried to persuade those senior managers at the summit and show Amazon’s sincerity that it will comply with the standards in retail industry.


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