How to Uninstall Origin 8 - Step by Step Guide to Remove Unwanted program Completely with the perfect Uninstaller

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Remove Origin 8 Program?

Are you in the dilemma that the program is not working properly in your machine and you need to immediately uninstall this program for an upgrade or switch to other program instead? Or you may have trapped in the situation that you can still not able to install the upper version because it is not compatible with the one that previously installed even though you have already removed it from your PC.

Are you facing the problem like missing necessary files to delete Origin 8, or do not have permission to uninstall it, which resulted in the impossibility to conduct a complete removal from your machine?

As we all know that normally, we can uninstall this program directly from Windows attached uninstaller or with its own uninstaller. Sometimes, we may be lucky to uninstall it there, but not all because there must be some leftovers left down in the drives and registry.

Download: Microsoft Windows Origin 8 Removal/Uninstall Tool
Tested Malware & Virus Free by McAfee?

Normally, some people who are more professional on computer, can solve this kind of uninstall problem by first deleting the related file of from the drives and then go to modify the associated registry entries.

Video Guide: How to delete registry entries when you want to get rid of Origin 8 completely

In fact, this will be useful in uninstalling some simple programs, but for the stubborn or corrupted programs, which combine well with the operating system, won't be completely uninstalled in this way. More severe, if any mistake was made in this risky way, your operating system can become unmanageable and may not work properly.

Why is it hard to sweep out Origin 8 sometimes

There are times when people had to take computers to a store asking the technicians to solve the frustrating uninstall problem when they fail to sweep out Origin 8, which wasted them more time and took them a large amount of money. So why does it become difficult to uninstall a unwanted program? Generally speaking, the main reasons may be: not all people are professional on computers, who can uninstall any unneeded application and its leftovers completely, that makes the uninstallation difficult and dangerous.

It is also recommended to run a FREE performance scan on to check out related Windows Error so as to resolve the potential program uninstall errors completely.

How to Uninstall it when you get error message

Are you one of many users that received error messages when you continuously tried to uninstall Origin 8? Here is the most common error message you might received...

Look familiar? You must have tried the following steps:

Remove Origin 8 Using its default uninstaller

  • Click on Windows button at the bottom left corner, and continue to click on the down arrow(for Win8), or click on All apps (for Win10)
  • Find Origin 8 on the menu, and then you might see an Uninstall button under the program's name. If not, please go to the installation folder of the program directly.
  • Click on Uninstall to start Origin 8 removal.
  • When the removal is complete, click "Finish", and restart your computer.
  • Delete Origin 8 with Windows Add/Remove Program

    (for Windows 8, 8.1, 10)
  • Right-click on the Windows button at the bottom left corner of the desktop.
  • Click on Programs and Features
  • Locate Origin 8 on the list, and then click on Uninstall button
  • Click Yes to confirm that you want to continue Origin 8 uninstallation
  • Follow the wizard to finish the program removal
  • To completely remove Origin 8 from your computer and totally eliminate any uninstall errors and other hassle along the way, you still need to delete the related registry entries and unneeded folders of the program from your system.

  • Go to registry editor to get rid of the related registry keys and values:
  • (HKEY_CURRENT_USER\Software\)

    (HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\Software\Origin 8)

    (HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\Software\Microsoft\Windows\CurrentVersion\Run\eg ui)

  • Click on the START menu again and get in the Control Panel and then Folder Options then View and choose Show Hidden Files and Folders, delete the following folders:
  • C:\Program Files\Origin 8

    (C:\Document and Settings\All Users\Application Data\)

    (C:\Documents and Settings\%USER%\Application Data\Origin 8)

    These manual uninstall steps are only recommended when you are comfortable with this process or if you're a computer technician. It happens that some of the related files and registry entries still remain, leaving a potential risk to your PC. Thus, you get crazy and frustrated.

    Uninstall Origin 8 in Easy Steps using an uninstaller (recommended)

    Total Uninstaller is the best choice for you. With Total Uninstaller, you can remove and uninstall this program completely and easily, including its registry entries and files. Furthermore, other sticky unwanted programs on your PC can also be fully uninstalled. Doesn't it sound great? By following the steps, you will be able to uninstall it quickly and thoroughly from your computer.

    Step 1: Download Total Uninstaller, install and launch it.

    Step 2: Check Origin 8 on the right. Press Run Analysis.

    Step 3: Total Uninstaller will review the program files and associated registry entries. Click Complete Uninstall to start the normal uninstall process of the program.

    Step 4: Click Yes to start the uninstall process.

    Step 5: Wait for the standard uninstall process to be completed. Click Scan Leftovers.

    Step 6: Total Uninstaller will conduct a full scan on your computer for a few minutes. When it finish scanning, click Delete Leftovers to thoroughly remove the program and its leftovers.

    Step7: Total Uninstaller has now fully uninstall the program and deleted all files and extensions.

    Step 8: Click OK to finish and now the unwanted application is totally uninstalled and removed from your PC.

    Uninstall it using force uninstall method in easy steps

    It occurs that the associated files and extensions usually get corrupted and the only way to uninstall this program from your PC, becomes by force uninstall through a professional installer like "Total Uninstaller".

    Below is a step by step guideline on how to force remove Origin 8 or other unneeded program from your computer for good.

    Step1: Download Total Uninstaller, then follow the on screen prompts to install in on your computer.

    Step2: Run Total Uninstaller. Click Cannot find the program? and select the installed folder path.

    Step3: Click "Scan" to begin the uninstallation process. Follow the on-screen steps to finish the removal.

    With the force uninstall steps, you can thoroughly uninstall Origin 8 and any unwanted program from your computer without worrying that it will leave down some unexpected entries both in program files and Windows registry.

    Download: Microsoft Windows Origin 8 Removal Tool
    Tested Malware & Virus Free by McAfee?

    Benefit of Total Uninstaller - Why make use of it

    There are really some useless programs and software in your computer that are hard to uninstall or remove by simply using the default uninstaller or Window default program remover. Sometimes, this default uninstaller leaves a lot of leftover components and registry entries behind. Consequently, in this case, the computer performance and stabilization will be affected by the leftover components in the registry that become threats.

    Total Uninstaller makes these things out of your computer if you make the most use of it. This tool provide a better and easier way to effectively and thoroughly uninstall any unwanted applications or components that the standard uninstaller of Window cannot remove.

    The benefits that Total Uninstaller can offer:
  • Easily be navigate to the target program you wanted to remove.
  • Remove hidden or corrupted application installed in your system.
  • Uninstall corrupted programs or software that are difficult to completely uninstalled by the default uninstaller of Window system.
  • Completely cleans the empty/invalid registry entries,drives and data that a certain application left behind.
  • Shows detailed information of the uninstalled program that you decide not to use any more.
  • Much faster than the Standard Windows program removing utility so as to save your time and energy.
  • In the force uninstall wizard, Total Uninstaller only needs necessary information of the software and with just few more clicks; it is able to finish its job quickly.
  • What if your computer got infected by virus?

    Most of the time people cannot find and delete the virus that infect certain program, especially those hidden programs. What's more, some malicious file cannot remove by hand. So, it is best to fully uninstall the infected software before your computer gets totally haunted by these virus. So now! why not land to get the useful and professional tool to uninstall the malicious files and other software you don't want to use any more? I am sure you will be satisfied with its powerful uninstalling features!

    Download: Microsoft Windows Origin 8 Removal Tool
    Tested Malware & Virus Free by McAfee?

    Target Program Info

    File name: Origin 8
    Last update:
    Located: C:\Program Files\

    How to Fix the Windows Error you received during the uninstall

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