How can Uninstall ByteScout PDF Renderer SDK for Windows with A Simple Way

Have many questions about how to uninstall ByteScout PDF Renderer SDK? Cannot get a full removal for the program on your PC? This post will introduce some useful how-to guides which can help you figure it out.

ByteScout PDF Renderer SDK overview

ByteScout PDF Renderer SDK is an application compatible with Windows based computer, people can get it from its official website or common software download resource center. Once install, the program will bring a series of its configurations and files on the computer. Most of which will locate on the app's installation folder, and those registry keys which are used to support the program's automatic start or performance will be saved in the system.

How to perform a full removal for the program

  • Uninstall the main program from Windows system
  • Clear everything inside the installation folder, and delete the folder either
  • Clear associated browser extension, add-on, and caches from the computer
  • Delete the registry keys and entries which belonging to the software

Feasible ways to uninstall ByteScout PDF Renderer SDK from PC

There are not only one way can help you remove the program on the computer, but some might require you to conduct the uninstallation manually, which will take some time and effort. After testing the program removal on Windows, here are three ways that can uninstall the program from PC.

  • Use the Windows attached removal feature
  • Apply the app's own uninstall program
  • Take an advanced third party uninstaller to perform the removal

Specific guides to uninstall ByteScout PDF Renderer SDK with available ways

Remove with Windows uninstall feature

  1. Stop ByteScout PDF Renderer SDK running on the computer, including running at the background
  2. Windows 8/8.1/10 users: right-click on the Start icon, and select the first item Programs and Features or Apps and Features
  3. Windows 7 users: click on the Start button, select Control Panel --- Uninstall a program
  4. Windows XP users: open Start menu, click Control Panel --- Add/remove programs
  5. Scroll down and select ByteScout PDF Renderer SDK on the programs list, click Uninstall/Change
  6. Click Yes to confirm the program removal
  7. Follow the instructions to process the uninstall process step by step
  8. When finish, close all windows and restart the computer to refresh the whole system
  9. After logging into the computer again, open Windows' search box, or move the cursor to the box if it is just on the task bar
  10. Type "regedit" and hit Enter to open system's Registry Editor
  11. Check the registry groups inside one by one, and delete those registry keys with ByteScout PDF Renderer SDK

Unless you delete all of files and traces of the program, the ByteScout PDF Renderer SDK software won't be removed thoroughly from the computer. Therefore, you should search for ByteScout PDF Renderer SDK on the whole computer if you suspect that there are still some files left behind after performing this removal.

Use the app's built-in uninstaller

  1. Access to the install directory of ByteScout PDF Renderer SDK, if you don't know where it is, right-click on ByteScout PDF Renderer SDK's shortcut on the desktop, and select Open file location
  2. Double-click on the uninstall process file to start
  3. Complete the program uninstallation with the instructions

Like the traditional way we use to uninstall ByteScout PDF Renderer SDK with the Windows uninstaller, the program removal with this method also easily lead the leftovers problem on the PC. So, to complete the application uninstallation, it is also necessary to check its remnant files on the installation folder, System Registry as well as other possible locations and folders.

Apply a removal utility to uninstall ByteScout PDF Renderer SDK

If you would like a smart tool to help you conduct the annoying removing steps, and perform the uninstallation thoroughly and effectively, a good third party removal tool will be a good choice. It is able to scan all related files with its advanced algorithm, and then remove all of them for the users automatically within a short time.

  1. Install and launch a reliable uninstaller on the computer
  2. Select ByteScout PDF Renderer SDK from the list, and follow the instructions to scan and remove all files of ByteScout PDF Renderer SDK from the PC
  3. When complete, exit the uninstaller and restart the computer. After that, you will permanently remove this application from PC.


Considering some programs with big size and complicated configurations usually cannot be removed in the traditional or manual way either. More and more people would like to invite an uninstaller to manage the program removal on the PC. If you are also have such a problem about how to uninstall ByteScout PDF Renderer SDK or other program easily from Windows. You can take a smart uninstall tool for a try and get a quick removal for those unnecessary applications.

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